Horse under 4 yaers

horses between 4 and 7 years

We regularly sell horses, ranging from foals to school masters, for both leisure and jumping competition.


We certainly have the horse you are looking for.


We educate and work horses for the purpose of mutual understanding and trust between horse and rider, according to the abilities and character of each.


All that is asked of the horse is in agreement with his age, his physical characteristics, his possibilities and his level of dressage. The work is requested with patience and gentleness.


Here are some horses that we offer for sale, however do not hesitate to contact us, all our horses are not on the site.


Price categories: * = <10 000 €

                        ** = between 10 and 20 000 €

                        *** = between 20 and 35 000 €

                        **** = between 35 and 50 000 €

                        ***** = <50 000 €

A Horses for everyone

Whether you are an individual or a professional, do not hesitate to contact us  

by phone: 00.352.621.42.35.42

either by mail:

horses more than 7 years

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